Final Fantasy XIII Log: Part 4

More Final Fantasy XIII coverage. I feel like I might be nearing the ending, but it’s hard to tell exactly. No spoilers, as usual.

I managed to finish up the really pretty area, which had a really interesting boss fight near the end, but it wasn’t as challenging as I’d have liked. Sometime after that is when Chapter 7 started, I think. It involved a lot of sneaking around in what should be open spaces, but I end up limited to very narrow paths, as usual. That decision I mentioned started making more sense around here.

At one point, there was a crazy-long and crazy-dramatic cutscene that I’m still not sure how I feel about. But it led to a shake up in my party members for the first time in a while, which was a nice change of pace. I wonder if I’ll ever get to a point where I can choose my members, or at least rearrange them. But I continued through the areas with my new pairings, and did you know this game has a lot of cutscenes? They’ve finally addressed some plot issues that have been dangling since the very beginning, and details about one character’s past are finally getting revealed.

Chapter 7 ended with crazy action and fighting, an anticlimactic boss fight, and somewhat of a cliffhanger. Chapter 8 then started, and it was very… colorful. It had some cameos and appearances by other classic Final Fantasy staples, which pleased me to see. But I was at the end of it before I knew it, with a really sad and touching cutscene, and two consecutive boss battles. Although the second of those battles took me so many tries that I ended up having to cook and eat dinner in between attempts. (I did most of the cooking during repeats of the cutscene leading into it.)

Now I’m at the beginning of Chapter 9, which has been very actiony. I’m suddenly seeing a lot of names that come from the older games, like Paramekia and Lindblum. There was also a PalumPolum, which was close, but the kana were different.

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