TV Thoughts: Conclusions, Retirements, and Fried Chicken

Some thoughts on this past week’s episodes of Raw, Chuck, Inuyasha: Final Act, Melrose Place, and South Park. I don’t think I know anyone besides myself that also enjoys all of those five things. Anyway, there are a few spoilers, but they’re hidden.

Raw – March 29th, 2010:
I don’t remember anything about this show other than Shawn Michaels’s retirement, and I’m pretty sure I would have said the same thing if I’d written this on Tuesday immediately after I watched. It still does feel too soon for him to call it quits, but I can’t honestly complain about it after this. And at least he went out on top.

Chuck 3-12 – Chuck Versus the American Hero:
Unsurprisingly, a great episode. Excellent use of Jeff and Lester, and plot twists that really took me by surprise. Oh snap. But so much happened that I was surprised it was only a normal hour long episode. At least I think it was only an hour…

Inuyasha: Final Act 26 – Toward Tomorrow:
The way the previous episode ended, I was wondering how they could possibly conclude the story well with only one more episode. But they really pulled it off. As a casual fan of the TV series who couldn’t be bothered to read the manga, I was definitely happy to see some real closure to the story after nearly eight years of watching it semi-regularly. Others have said that this ending was more satisfying than the manga’s ending anyway. But the well scene was a tearjerker, much to my own surprise, and the part where Kagome calls Sesshoumaru “Oniisan” was kind of amusing. Good stuff, and no regrets for the time I put into this series.

Melrose Place 1-16: Santa Fe:
Oh man, this show is so good. Amanda and Michael are still fantastic, and the new characters are getting a lot more interesting as time goes on. Especially now that Violet and Auggie are gone, because they were just awful. If this show doesn’t get renewed, I am going to throw bricks at everything. It wouldn’t even have to compete with Lost (which is inferior anyway) next season! And the quality and budget are much better than horrible, horrible Smallville.

South Park 14-3: Medicinal Fried Chicken:
The previous episodes this season were kind of forgettable, but this one seems to be getting back on track. And it served as a great commercial for KFC, so I ended up having to get some for dinner last night.

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