TV Thoughts: Cliffhangers, X-Wings, and Rabbit Season

Some (overdue) quick thoughts on recent episodes of Chuck, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lost, Melrose Place, and South Park. No spoilers.

Chuck 3-13 – Chuck Versus the Other Guy:
One word comes to mind for this episode: “payoff.” Alternatively: “yay!”

Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2-11: The Super-Batman of Planet X:
I’m not particularly a big fan of Superman or his animated series, but I recognized all those voices. And of course I know Kevin Conroy. But guest stars aside, this was a pretty awesome episode. Poor Green Arrow, though.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2-12: The Power of Shazam:
What the hell was that cliffhanger in the prologue? Was it related to that Aquaman one from a few months ago…? Also, I love the fact that Batman pulled a “Rabbit Season” in the main episode.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2-18: The Zillo Beast
Hooray for X-Wings and Y-Wings! Did the clone troopers have those in the prequels? I almost want to rewatch them to find out. Almost. But either way, though I’m confused as to how or why they’d have future rebel ships, I’m just happy to see ships I know.

Lost 6-12: Everybody Loves Hugo:
What the hell was that cliffhanger? It was pretty awesome, but that’s just cruel.

Melrose Place 1-18: Wilshire
Augh, what a bittersweet season finale. They resolved a lot of stuff, but there’s still some questions left, and new things were introduced that need to be answered. It really doesn’t have enough closure to serve as a series finale. I will say lots of angry words if the CW doesn’t give me more.

South Park 14-5: 200:
What the hell was that cliffhanger? I should probably hate the self-referential humor, but I thought it worked really well. They made me laugh a lot, and that’s all that matters.

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