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Story time. I moved across the US a couple years ago, and I couldn’t bring my car with me, so I sold it a few months before I moved. The local comic store was 35 minutes away by car, and since gas prices were pretty bad at the time, it was not easy to convince someone else to take me there. Thus, I started ordering my comics online at Things From Another World until I moved. But after I moved, the comic store here turned out to be 25 minutes away (which isn’t much better), and rarely has what I’m looking for in stock, so I decided to just keep ordering comics from TFAW.

Fast forward to the present. They shipped my copy of Buffy #34 in early April, and come the middle of May, it never got here. Sometimes shipments from them have taken 2-3 weeks to arrive because I tend to pick cheap shipping options, but I got another shipment with Buffy #35 last Friday (May 14th), at which point I decided I’d waited long enough. I sent them an email complaining (in a relatively polite manner) about it the next day, and on Monday morning (May 17th) they sent me a reply. The representative was very apologetic about the matter and said she’d send me a re-shipment right away. Sure enough, I checked my mailbox today (May 20th) and it was already here. And there were two Free Comic Book Day issues bundled with it.

They’d always seemed like a cool company, but I was surprised to get such a helpful and friendly response. The reason I’m writing about this is because I was so impressed and pleased with the way this turned out. If you want to buy comics online, I would totally recommend them. I almost want to buy even more stuff for myself just as a thank you, but that’s a little beyond my means at the moment. I suspect the problem was more likely on the postal end, though. Maybe an evil mailman took a peek into the package, saw a certain someone on the cover, and decided to keep it and read it for himself.

If I ever do get the original shipment (this was definitely the new one) of Buffy #34, I’ll give it away somehow. I’d also like to give away these two FCBD books sooner or later, but I don’t really know how to do so at the moment, partially because trips to the post office are not an option for me right now.

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