90210 Season 3, Episodes 3 to 5

More words to say about 90210‘s delicious soap opera goodness. I like this show far too much, and it hurts my soul that there was no episode this week. But luckily for my warped perception of time, next week is only a few hours away. Anyway, everything is a spoiler, so you have been warned.

3-3: 2021 Vision

  • Augh, Mr. Cannon, I really hate you. At least Silver finally wised up, but it might be too late on Naomi’s end!
  • Yay, Silver and Teddy patched things up. Except for the fact that Teddy slept with a dude. Oops. I really wish I hadn’t been spoiled about that over the summer.
  • Is Oscar on some kind of revenge mission against Laurel? Is that why he’s being such a tool to Ivy and Dixon?
  • As soon as Annie started to suspect there was something sexual about her boss’s actions, it was obvious it was going to turn out to be something else. And I correctly guessed that it would be related to babies.
  • Adrianna, you shouldn’t have been so naive. Of course someone was going to know Javier wrote it! But I suspect his uncle is not going to go public with it so soon.

3-4: The Bachelors

  • Phew, Naomi’s okay. And now everyone knows what’s up, so I guess there’s gonna be a big battle next week. I hope it’s as good as what the guys did to Jen last year.
  • Damn, Teddy. You are really lashing out. I really liked his thing with Silver, but I guess that’s over for good now. Will he get a little more friendly with Ian during detention?
  • I kind of expected Javier’s uncle to blackmail Adrianna in some way, but this seems a little elaborate. Was she always this bad at lying to her friends?
  • This episode made me wish Navid could have his own storylines again. He’s a lot better when he’s not just Adrianna’s lap dog.
  • So this Charlie guy really is Liam’s brother. There’s still something suspicious about him, though.
  • Liam made no sense in this episode. Why would he fawn over Annie one minute, and then suddenly do a 180 and blame her for Charlie’s existence the next? Oh well. At least he’s finally lost interest in her.
  • I knew Sasha was going to try to bid on Dixon, but I kept thinking, “What could she possibly have to say to him?” Then, holy shit. The ultimate unexpected cliffhanger. I guess Dixon has a legitimate excuse for missing the big night with Ivy, if she’ll ever give him a chance to explain.

3-5: Catch Me If You Cannon

  • Girls, girls, girls. Your plan against Mr. Cannon was too obvious. Now everything is ruined. Your only hope is that unresolved subplot about Mr. Matthews trashing the school sign!
  • So Annie already changed her mind about selling her eggs. So much for that story. At least it helped give Debbie a chance to step up.
  • Speaking of whom, Debbie working for Jen will be interesting. But I can’t believe Jen gave birth already. That’s usually finale material.
  • Aaaah, I really wanna know what’s up with this Charlie guy. Liam really hates him, but whyyyyyyyy? He almost seems decent.
  • Dixon, you fool. Why couldn’t you have just been honest from the start? Instead of getting it from you, now Ivy probably has Oscar AIDS. And he’ll probably break her heart even worse.
  • Teddy and Ian seem to be getting along slightly better. They’d make a good couple, if Teddy ever lightens up. I don’t think that girl was all that hot either, so I can understand his confusion.


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