Chuck Season 4, Episodes 1 to 5

Something must be right with the world if Chuck is now on its fourth season. Even better is that NBC just ordered more episodes for this season. The show hasn’t lost its touch at all, and I have some scattered things to say about each episode thus far. Everything below is a spoiler, so beware.

4-1: Chuck Versus the Anniversary

  • Wow, was this really only one episode? It was packed with so much stuff. And good stuff, at that.
  • Chuck and Morgan’s adventures were pretty cool. I liked how it turned out they were the super spies Dolph Lundgren was looking for.
  • I didn’t expect Chuck to get pulled back into official spying so easily, but the way it happened was pretty good. They genuinely surprised me with the Buy More thing. I was expecting Big Mike!
  • Linda Hamilton rules.

4-2: Chuck Versus the Suitcase

  • Hi there, Old Spice Guy. He worked well as part of the whole “the Buy More is too perfect now” subplot.
  • And that gives a way to bring back Jeff and Lester. Oh man. I loved how the tranq darts had almost no effect on Jeff.
  • Lou Ferrigno was fun. And I saw Bronson Pinchot in the credits too, but where was he?
  • If Morgan’s the manager now, will we be seeing less of General Beckman? And where will that leave Big Mike?
  • Kind of an average episode overall, though.

4-3: Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

  • Where else but Chuck would I get to see a fight between Steve Austin and Stacy Keibler? Holy crap.
  • I’d heard Sarah’s high school rival was coming back, with info about Chuck’s mom, but I never expected she was going to end up almost likable this time.
  • Yay, Big Mike! I knew Morgan was going to lose the ring, but I didn’t expect it to end up like that. Holy crap.
  • It was kind of obvious the prisoner subplot would somehow connect to the game launch, but holy crap. Big Mike knocked Stone Cold Steve Austin on his ass!
  • There were an awful lot of air ducts in this episode. But it was mostly a pretty awesome episode.

4-4: Chuck Versus the Coup d’Etat

  • Yay, the return of Armand Assante as the Generalissimo. And with an Awesome statue.
  • I like how Chuck and Sarah’s relationship stuff ended up tying into the situation with the Generalissimo and his wife. It’s not just sap for the sake of sap.
  • Although speaking of sap, the relationship between Morgan and Alex is cute. It’s too bad Morgan is going to die because of it.
  • “Boy, when has anyone ever learned anything important from a book?” Oh, Big Mike.

4-5: Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

  • Hi Batista and Eric Roberts. I don’t even know how or why I recognize Eric Roberts, but I do, apparently.
  • Oh man, Jeff and Lester rescuing Casey from a dumpster. That was too perfect. And then Casey disguised with a Stormtrooper helmet? Oh god.
  • Morgan was pretty awesome this episode, especially with the electrocution stuff. I guess Casey won’t be killing him about Alex after all.
  • Augh, what a cliffhanger. Inadvertently seeing a preview for next week’s episode only made it worse.

It seems like the odd episodes have been better than the even episodes this season. But I think next week might change that!


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