National Word Writing Month

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I was attempting to consistently work on a project throughout the month of November. Not a novel (maybe next year), but some things for the site. And I was pretty consistent about it, but not at the quantity I desired. Anyway, since I intended to focus my free time almost entirely on this project, it wouldn’t leave much room for other activities, like watching television. But I came up with a great idea to counter that: November sweeps. I could justify watching TV by “covering” the November sweeps episodes of all the shows I keep up with by making more of my disjointed rambles about them. So I watched shows while I worked on my project, and made notes that I later turned into complete sentences (though some things are still only in note form, as of this writing).

But all throughout the month, I couldn’t decide how I would implement it. A bunch of small posts at once on December 1st, or one giant post? Come the 1st, I (obviously) did neither. But over the weekend, I decided I’d do the former, but more spread out throughout the month. Partly because some shows only have one or two December episodes before taking a holiday break, so I may as well wait to include them. So there will be a fair amount of little TV posts throughout the month. Ideally with some more serious posts in between them, but I have a lot to work on lately, so no promises.

This is a screenshot of my TV calendar. I believe it was taken the first or second week of November, when all of my fall shows had new episodes. This screenshot does not include summer shows like Rescue Me, daily shows like… The Daily Show, Seth MacFarlane shows (which I treat as casual, background noise more so than a serious interest), or Best Wishes (which airs too early in the morning (adjusted to my time zone) to fit in the screenshot). It also doesn’t include my big backlog of unwatched DVDs, or “new-to-me” One Piece reruns I watch as they’re added to Hulu. Along with the calendar, I have to keep a TV to-do list just to keep track of all this shit.

Anyway, only things in that screenshot are going to be posted about, and not even everything in them. I don’t really consider wrestling in the same category as regular television, so that’s out. Of the remaining shows, I couldn’t do Stargate Universe because I watch that with someone else on their schedule, and I couldn’t do Japanese shows because they require too much brainpower to multi-task with my project efficiently (and thus I haven’t even seen some of them since October). And for some of the shows that are included, I also wrote about some episodes that actually aired in October, either because I didn’t get to see them until November, or because I just really wanted to write about them but didn’t get to post it sooner.

…I guess that only leaves six shows and posts, so it’s not as much of a flood as I thought it would be. Now I’m not sure why I spent all this time writing such a detailed explanation instead of doing something more constructive. Perhaps I should eat some canned chili (I ran out of ravioli yesterday) and ponder the state of life and the world.


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