South Park Season 14, Episodes 11 to 14

South Park still exists, for at least another year. Recent episodes have been pretty weak in comparison to the older stuff, so maybe they really should consider ending it after next season. But I still watch it regularly, and don’t regret my continued viewership. So here are some words about the recent superhero trilogy and the season finale. Everything is a spoiler!

14-11: Coon 2: Hindsight

  • This episode was a cute parody of the Gulf oil spill and the “told ya so” reactions to it.
  • But more importantly, there are more superheroes! Let’s speculate on their identity.
    • Coon: Already confirmed to be Cartman. Obvious anyway.
    • Mint Berry Crunch: At first I thought this was Kenny, since his face was covered and he had blonde hair, but at the end of the episode, they showed Other Kid who had the exact same hair. And he had too much unexposed talking for Kenny. So I think it’s Other Kid.
    • Tupperware: Since he’s black and has Token’s voice, it has to be Token.
    • Mosquito: At first I thought this was Kyle, due to the rivalry with Cartman, but when I saw Clyde was a member, I realized he had to be Mosquito because his voice didn’t match Kite. And there’s no way Kyle or Kenny would have gotten smacked around by Cartman.
    • Toolshed: He has black hair, and Stan’s dad was missing some tools, so this has to be Stan.
    • Iron Maiden: He’s in a wheelchair and screams “Timmy!” So it has to be Timmy.
    • Kite: He has Kyle’s voice, and Kyle can’t be Mysterion. Also, “Kite” sounds like “Kyle.”
    • Mysterion: By my personal process of elimination, this only leaves Kenny as Mysterion. But as soon as I saw that Kenny was one of the members, something instantly said “Mysterion” to me. The way he’s covered up, has an altered voice, and is generally pretty hardcore… It just has to be Kenny!

14-12: Mysterion Rises

  • Wow, all my theories about the hero identities were right! No one will believe me because I never posted my theories publicly in time, but do note that I watched the previous episode multiple times because I thought the “Mysterion’s identity revealed” commercials were referring to it; I didn’t know it was going to be a two-parter (or three-parter…?) at first.
  • Holy shit about Mysterion/Kenny’s powers. After all these years, they’ve given him some awesome character development. But what about that episode where his mom gave birth to another baby Kenny? Or the episodes where he was in the afterlife? Maybe they’ll explain it next week.
  • I liked the Neverending Story parody. At least I think that’s what it was, because I’ve never actually seen the movie. It reminds me of the Robot Chicken parody of it.

14-13: Coon vs Coon & Friends

  • Oh man, Other Kid (Bradley?) turned out to be a real hero with real Mint Berry Crunch powers. And his sister is the fat goth girl? Never would have guessed any of that. I loved the look on Kenny’s face during that recording. Also, I liked the Captain Marvel parody.
  • The not remembering Kenny’s deaths thing almost seems like a plot hole, since there were times Stan and Kyle acted unsurprised when he died. But wow, they did address that thing about the baby Kennys after all. Nice. And it was kind of obvious Kenny’s powers would be related to his parents going to that cult. Or at least I think that’s what the explanation was.
  • Now Cartman is spoofing one of my favorite Looney Tunes shorts. That one with the little kitten and Marc Antony.

14-14: Creme Fraiche

  • Oh Randy. You so crazy and stupid and bad.
  • So not only is the Shake Weight a big euphemism, but it’s magical, too.
  • Wow, what the hell, Stan’s dad is the new Chef? Hello, children.


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