Smallville Season 10, Episodes 6 to 11

This show is a prime example of why I shouldn’t and usually don’t talk about every show I watch. I don’t like having to force myself to think about this show in complete sentences. But now we’re halfway through the final season, so it’s almost over. I’d be surprised if I post about it again before the final episode(s). Spoilers, by the way.

And this is the end of my sorry excuse for November sweeps coverage, so everything will go back to normal soon. Not that I know what “normal” actually is in this case.

10-6: Harvest

  • Oh boy, a creepy religious cult. Something about that sort of thing just bugs me, and not for the obvious reasons. But the Blue Kryponite thing is kind of interesting.
  • So Tess wants to kill Lex now? I guess she’s growing some figurative balls. But still, bring back Rosenbaum, damnit.
  • Was this Lois and Clark’s first time? That seems rather unlikely, but that’s what the scene conveyed to me. I don’t know.

10-7: Ambush

  • Maybe that really was their first time? They’re acting a little too giddy otherwise.
  • I had completely forgotten Lucy existed, and I still don’t remember anything about her other than “did something naughty a bunch of years ago.”
  • I don’t remember anything about Lois’s dad either, other than “he was a jerk” and “maybe had a helicopter at one point.”
  • I also don’t know anything about the Suicide Squad from the comics and such, but something about their leader here really bothers me, and not for the obvious reasons. What the hell, was that Nightcrawler?
  • Ugh, this is turning into a ridiculously obvious ripoff of Marvel’s Civil War. They could have at least tried to hide it.

10-8: Abandoned

  • Oh boy, Tess having nightmares. Sarcastic comments.
  • What the hell is with those table computers and scanners? Do we have that technology yet, or did Chloe invent it or something?
  • Hi Teri Hatcher. What an awfully convenient message you’re giving about moving on and stuff.
  • Oh, there are creepy sword chicks. Naturally, they have green Kryptonite. And there’s more convenient drama about losing parents. What’s with this goofy ass Wolverine chick? All of them look so hokey and fake in their costumes.
  • It was so obvious Tess was going to turn out to be a Luthor. I knew it as soon as they mentioned birth parents.
  • Oh snap, a proposal already?

10-9: Patriot

  • More registration stuff. Yippee.
  • Hi there, Aquaman and Mera. She reminds me a lot of Alyson Hannigan.
  • Lois acts like she’s gonna kill a man just for Clark having another secret.
  • This Slade guy reminds me John McCain, but much less interesting.

10-10: Luthor

  • Is that delivery woman the assistant medical person from Stargate Atlantis?
  • Let’s play with this mysterious object without investigating it first. Oh boy, it leads to an alternate reality episode.
  • Why did they ever kill off Lionel? I miss him. But I guess we’ll get to see more of him after all. Or at least we better.
  • Ultraman is evil? I hope Tsuburaya sues them for slander.

10-11: Icarus

  • Yay, a proposal. If only the episode had ended right there.
  • Now the heroes are being branded as terrorists, and this registration act storyline just got a lot more boring and preachy. Is the budget so bad that all they can afford for villains is military uniforms?
  • I guess John McCain is Deathstroke? Not that I know much about that character.
  • And now Michael Shanks has been put out of his misery. I have low hopes for his funeral’s cliffhanger. Probably just a secret message from Chloe or something.

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