Pokemon Black Log: Part 2

And so I continued my trek through Pokemon Black until I got to the ending. Although, it seems like this second half of the game was much longer than the first, because this log is approximately 32% longer than Part 1. Whatever the case may be, there are a million plot spoilers here, among other things. So don’t read any further if that bothers you. Or even if it doesn’t. I think the “writing” got even worse since last time, mainly because I really want to hurry up and start White.

I didn’t change Pokemon in the middle of that that bridge, but for reference…
Current Team: Gokuu (Servine), Oolong (Panpour), Chichi-sa (Blitzle), Lunch (Swoobat), Hatchan (Sawk), Upa (Sandile).

Driftveil Drawbridge: A guy said that bird feathers drop on the bridge. This apparently included a Genius Wing…? And a Pretty Wing? Boring bridge overall, though.

Driftveil City: Stepped off the bridge and was in the city already. RAAAAAAAIN. A girl said that was the Charizard Bridge, but I failed to see the resemblance. There was some kind of weird ass half circle thing at the entrance, too. Moved on, and there was Cheren. And Clay the gym leader, who was a cowboy. Clay was mad because lowering the bridge allowed Team Plasma to escape, so Cheren and I had to search for them before we could go to the gym. Welp. Further in town, some guy offered a combo move for Gokuu: Grass Pledge. Motorcyclist Charles talked about rotation battles. I was confused but accepted anyway. It seemed interesting, but I barely understood how rotating works. After the battle, he said to go to Opelucid City for more.

There was an outdoor market place with Moomoo Milk and herbs. A shady guy wanted level 30+ Pokemon, but I was too low. Some guy gave a Shell Bell for having 50 in my Pokedex. A kid wanted a Minccino for his Basculin, but I put it off until I had a spare. A girl wanted to see Rock Tomb that particular day, but I didn’t have it. There was a fancy building full of people talking about helpfulness and togetherness. One guy said Route 6 had an old man searching for a legendary. Gym was blocked, obviously, and there was a truck there for some reason.

Cold Storage: I caught a spare Minccino in a double battle with lots of deaths. And I caught Vanillite! (An ice cream marshmallow thing or some shit.) Named it “Gohan.” A worker guy gave me a Rocky Helmet…? Then Cheren showed up and said the Plasmas were probably in the warehouse. He was still confused by the champion’s words.

Yay, slippy slide ice puzzles in there. Chichi-sa evolved into Zebstrika! Then I found an open crate, and Cheren wanted to go in. There was a sage named… Zinzolin? To whom Plasmas were giving warmth. (Giggity.) He said Pokemon are the king’s friends. And I fought a whole bunch of Team Plasma Grunts, while Cheren took the others. Then Clay and some workers showed up to capture the Plasmas. Welp. Next was the gym. But after they left the crate, I found a Nevermeltice!

Driftveil City: Outside the gym, I found Cheren, along with Ghetsis and some Plasmas. Ghetsis made threats, so Clay released Zinzolin and the other Plasmas. Then Cheren left to level up to beat Clay with flawless victory. Me first.

Driftveil Gym: Clyde gave another Fresh Water and said this gym was Ground type. A lady said I could use the elevators to get around. It reminded me of Canalave Gym in Sinnoh. Upa evolved into Krokorok! Soon I got to the final floor, which was such a cool mine with gems everywhere. And it was time to fight Clay. Maaaaaaaaan his Excadrill (Doryuuzu?) was tough. And he had stupid Hyper Potions. Quake Badge get! But he wanted me to wait by a cave at Route 6 for the TM.

Driftveil City: Bianca appeared and wanted a battle. Too much sleeping of my Pokemon. But afterward, she gave HM02 Fly! I taught it to Bull Demon and decided to go back for a couple things.

Pinwheel Forest: Some shaky grass had Throh! I caught it and named it “Bubbles.” The dark patches weren’t blocked anymore. It led to a forest cave thing blocked off by rocks.

Route 6: RAAAAAAAIN. I caught Foongus! (Poke Ball mushroom, what.) Named it “Realm King.” Also caught Karrablast! Named it “Vegeeta.” And I caught Deerling! Named it “Muuri.” Some more Rangers gave me berries. There was a Season Research Lab that wanted to see Deerling. Damn Foongus posed as fake Poke Balls, just like Voltorb. But I found a Leaf Stone, yay. Then I caught Emolga! Named it “Dende.” And caught Leavanny! Named it “Nail.” After a trip back to town, I showed the dude an autumn Deerling. Derp. One trainer had Frillish, some fuckin’ pink dress thing. Yay, there was rest house. Some girl gave me a Shiny Stone.

Chargestone Cave: A spider web blocked the cave entrance. But Clay showed up to break it, and said something about Galvantulas being jerks. Inside, the cave was all pretty blue. I caught Ferroseed! Named it “Elder.” Then there were some creepy white hair dudes and N. N said the Shadow Triad was stalking my friends and I. They assessed that Cheren is strong, Bianca is weak, and I’m neutral. Then they left and said Plasma and Ghetsis awaited me. Next, I caught Joltik! Named it “Trunks.” Whoa, floaty crystals. And I caught Boldore! Named it “#17.”

Bianca and Juniper suddenly showed up. Juniper said she was researching Klinks, and demonstrated that floaty stones can be moved around. She also gave a Lucky Egg!! Bianca was there as her bodyguard. And speaking of Klink, I caught one! Named it “#18.” It really grinds my gears. I found rumbling ground with Drilbur but accidentally killed it. :[ Then I ran back to town and switched out Chichi-sa for Trunks.

Current Team: Gokuu (Servine), Oolong (Panpour), Lunch (Swoobat), Hatchan (Sawk), Upa (Krokorok), Trunks (Joltik).

One trainer had Archen, a weird ass bird thing. Found an Ice Gem in a rumbling spot. What? And it seemed the crystals only move one way…? Juniper popped up again, and said she thinks Klink didn’t exist before 100 years ago. Then the Shadow Triad kidnapped me, zoomed me across a bridge, and said to go downstairs. In a rumbling spot, I finally caught Drilbur! Named it “#16.” Found Tynamo, some kind of sperm thing, but I killed it. There was a very ominous cave leading upstairs. I found two guys called the Nugget Brothers, who each gave me a Nugget. My joy for that was killed by the fact that they said “Nuggetaboutit.” And yay there was a doctor in the cave.

Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who said Shadow Triad are Ghetsis’s henchmen. Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who was surprised my Pokemon were happy. Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who said only Plasma should use Pokemon. Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who said N loves Pokemon the most. Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who wondered what I live and fight for. Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who said the king is their best hope to free the Pokemons. Fought a Team Plasma Grunt who said Pokemon are just trainers’ tools.

Yay, Thunderstone! Yay, Magnet! And finally another Tynamo, which I caught! Named it “Mr. Satan.” I bumped into N, who said values mix and make the world gray, but he’ll separate people and Pokemon to make it black and white. I get it. We fought, and all his Pokemon were probably caught in this cave. He said he sucks at battling because he just wants to be a friend to Pokemon. Then Bianca and Juniper arrived. N said he was disgusted by the Pokedex and Pokemon categorization. Juniper just blew it off as his opinion. N said he wouldn’t allow more suffering and left. Meanwhile, Bianca and Juniper collected more data.

Mistralton City: More RAAAAAAAIN. There was a Hidden Power checker guy in the Pokemon Center. And weather TMs for sale at 50,000 each. One house had the move deleter and relearner. And then I met another Juniper, who turned out to be her dad. He checked my Pokedex, liking that I had 70 and Klink, and gave it an upgrade for search and different forms. And Skyla, the gym leader, said she was leaving to help a sick pokemon at Celestial Tower. Welp. But this town had an airport! With a very big runway that flew cargo only. The gym was on the runway, but Clyde blocked the entrance. There were greenhouses at the other end. And one guy gave me a Sharp Beak! Back in town, a kid said he’d tell me something when I had the badge. And I got my Pokedex evaluated by the daughter Juniper, who wanted to give me a present for it.

Route 7: Still raining. But here’s a secret: I knew the Tornadus event starts here (from an old lady?), and I wanted to avoid it, if possible. And balance beams over crazy tall grass, like Hoenn 119. A guy wanted a Boldore for his Emolga, but I put it off until I caught a spare. One guy nearly destroyed me in a rotation battle. :[ I found an old lady, but she was just making soup. A girl in her house gave heals. Then the Xtransceiver rang, but it was just mom saying to take care of my Pokemon. Scared me that it was Tornadus. I caught Watchog! Named it “Videl.” One trainer had Kibago (Axew)! More Rangers giving berries. The Celestial Tower was here, but I wanted to explore some more. Trunks evolved into Dentula (Galvantula)!

Twist Mountain: A guy said I can’t go in there until I had the Mistralton badge. Welp.

Celestial Tower: It’s a Pokemon graveyard. :[ Waaaaaw, it had spiral staircases and camera twists. I caught Litwick! Named it “Goten.” Yay, got a Spell Tag. And a nurse gave heals! I caught Elgyem! (Giant head thing? The fuck?) Named it “Realm God.” At top of the tower, there were lots of clouds. Skyla gave me a Max Revive. She told me to ring a bell, and…? Whatever; at least she went back to the gym.

Mistralton Gym: More Fresh Water, and Clyde said the gym is Flying, obviously. This place was full of cannons. What the hell? They shot me around this crazy factory place. A lot of trainers had Unfezant. Does it have different forms? And then there was Skyla, whose battle sprite was surprisingly skimpy. No pants! But Trunks destroyed her, and Jet Badge get! She said Team Plasma was headed to Icirrus City, via Twist Mountain.

Mistralton City: Aaaaah it’s N. He said trainers just compete and hurt Pokemon. Then he talked to my Swoobat and learned that I was born in Nuvema, about my mom, about getting a Pokedex to journey the world, and that Swoobat trusted me. He said I was a good example. Ghetsis and Plasma were searching for stones to resurrect the dragon, and N would befriend it and become the new hero. He was sad that my Pokemon and I would be separated. Elsewhere, that kid just said there’s hidden treasure on the runway, but I’d already gotten it anyway. Lame.

Twist Mountain: Hey, Cheren. He suddenly had the Jet Badge too. It wasn’t on the sign when I left. Alder then showed up and confused Cheren about his strength goal again. He gave us both HM03 Surf and left. Cheren then wondered what to do with his power and left too. But inside the mountain, there was Cheren again, along with Clay. Clay said the gym leaders got together to discuss Plasma and told us not to worry about it. I think he said this was his mountain? Then they both left.

Whoa, the first cave came out to a big construction site within the mountain. The cave system reminded me of Mt. Silver. One guy said the mountain is different in winter. I caught Gurdurr! Named it “Kibito.” Also caught Cubchoo! Named it “Mr. Boo.” And I caught a spare Boldore for that one guy. Found a Moon Stone and a doctor for heals. At the bottom, there were bulldozers and a work house. And an ice cave? With a big ice rock for Glaceon? Eventually, I bumped into Cheren and some Plasmas. The latter apparently found a thing to change the world. Cheren went to ponder strength some more. There were some areas I couldn’t reach, so I assume I have to wait until winter?

Icirrus City: Juniper’s dad, Cedric, said Dragonspiral Tower has legendaries, and that it was past Icirrus. He heads there. This town was full of windmills! And what was either dried lakes or large puddles. In them, I caught Shelmet! Named it “Old God.” One guy gives money for gems. And more inaccessible areas, including a house…? People talked about Zekrom and the hero being really close, and how Zekrom created Unova and turned into the Dark Stone. Some people were dancing. The fan club leader gave me an Exp. Share because I’m a good trainer. Club also had a happiness checker. One house made me do a pep quiz…? Very easy question (answer was “camera”), and I got an Antidote for it. Apparently I could do it again tomorrow.

Icirrus Gym: More Fresh Water from Clyde, who said this was an Ice gym. There was swirling around ice puzzles. Whee, clever Zelda-ish stuff. And then Brycen. He just said to bring it, and dresses crazy. (Crasher Wake wannabe?) I had no Fire types, so there was lots of punching. Freeze Badge get! And yay, I got to slide all the way out.

Icirrus City: Hey Bianca and Cheren. Cheren was still confused about his goals and strength, while Bianca wanted to go to the fan club and find her goals. Brycen then showed up and called out the invisible Shadow Triad! They’d just wanted to talk to me. Ghetsis wanted me at Dragonspiral Tower, where N awaits. Brycen wanted details, but they ninja vanished. Brycen told Cheren to wait for a gym match because he was going after them, but Cheren said he was going too. As was Bianca. But I wondered what’s on Route 8. And since I suspected the next gym might be Dragon, I switched Hatchan for Gohan.

Current Team: Gokuu (Servine), Oolong (Panpour), Lunch (Swoobat), Upa (Krokorok), Gohan (Vanillite), Trunks (Galvantula).

Route 8: I caught Stunfisk! (Whatever the hell that is.) Named it “Bee.” This route had puddles instead of grass…? Also caught Palpitoad! Named it “Pan.” There were some strong trainers here. (Fuck Cinccino and Tail Slap.) Rangers gave out berries again. I found a Poison Barb and TM36 Sludge Bomb, conveniently. And Gokuu evolved into Serperior! What a crazy dragon thing. There were Team Plasma guys blocking off Tubeline Bridge. And there was a girl that likes rocks who gave me a Heat Rock, and said she’ll give out more tomorrow. Then I found an entrance to something.

Moor of Icirrus: A Strength boulder. Get in that hole. More Rangers giving berries. And there was nothing else here, it seemed.

Dragonspiral Tower: Bianca and Cedric introduced themselves to each other. There were a bunch of Plasmas, whom Cheren and Brycen chased after. Bianca said she was too weak, so she stayed behind as Cedric’s bodyguard. And Cedric gave me an Old Gateau. (I prefer Lava Cookies.) I caught Mienfoo! (…?) Named it “Oob.” And I caught Druddigon! (Holy shit.) Named it “Pilaf.” Also caught Basculin! Named it “Shuu.” At the entrance to the actual tower, there was a little area to Surf to. Inside, there was lots of pretty green tile. And water that can’t be Surfed on…? I caught Golett! Named it “Mai.” Then the tower started shaking. Uh oh.

Cheren told me I could walk on broken columns. There was a spiral staircase. Yay! …But it lead to Tin Tower-ish floor puzzles. Boo! Aaaaaaand then there was a big room with many Plasmas, Cheren, and Brycen. They held off most of the Plasmas. I went through lots of stairs and small platforms to fight five Team Plasma Grunts. Found a Dragon Fang! And went up to a circular room with rounded paths connected by small pieces. On the next floor, I found out something was rampaging at the top of the tower. There were more Plasmas and (probably) another sage, Giallo. He said N would be the hero, and then four Team Plasma Grunts attacked me consecutively. But I beat them and moved up.

Holy shit, there was a 3D FMV cutscene of N and Zekrom. N said he would beat the champion and free all the Pokemons. And that I had to be Reshiram’s hero to stop him, which would require the Light Stone. Then N and Zekrom flew away, I think? Cheren and Brycen arrived, and then we all left. Outside, we told Cedric and Bianca everything. Bianca was shocked that there are two legendary dragons, but Alder showed up to confirm it. He said Zekrom could destroy the world, so everyone will release their Pokemon in fear. Alder figured it was better we awake Reshiram than Plasma, and said he thinks the stone is at Relic Castle. All of this made Cheren start to understand how to use strength.

Route 7: I traded that guy a Boldore and got his Emolga, who was named “Minipete.”

Driftveil City: I traded that kid a Minccino and got his Basculin, who was named “Redeye.”

Nacrene City: I gave a museum lady a Cover Fossil for Tirtouga! Named it “Silver.”

Relic Castle: Cheren showed up at the entrance. That guy finally let me go downstairs. A (probable) sage, Ryoku, told me to fight Plasmas, but it wasn’t automatic this time. Fought one Team Plasma Grunt, then had to fall through sand pits to progress. Another Team Plasma Grunt. I caught Cofagrigus! Named it “Red.” Another Team Plasma Grunt, and Gohan evolved into Vanillish! Two more Team Plasma Grunts. Yay, a Sun Stone. Another two Team Plasma Grunts. Cheren and I reached the final floor, where Alder was already waiting with Ghetsis. Ghetsis said the Light Stone wasn’t here, and that I was chosen. He said Alder stopped battling because his Pokemon got sick and died, and he started wandering around. Then we all left. Outside, the Xtransceiver rang. It was Juniper, who said to get to the Nacrene museum ASAP. Damnit, I was just there.

Nacrene City: Alder, Cedric, Juniper, and Bianca were outside of the museum. Lenora then came out with the stone. They said I had to use the Light Stone in case N defeated Alder. Everyone wondered how to wake the dragon, until Lenora realized the Opelucid City dragon trainers could help. Juniper said Drayden would know. Bianca told me to take Tubeline Bridge from Icirrus to get there.

Route 8: Got another Heat Rock today. Is it always Heat Rocks in the afternoon? I caught Seismitoad! Named it “Black.” The bridge was finally open, but first I had a battle with Bianca. She had a really strong doggy, and Mijumaru’s final stage is just… what the shit. She was so impressed with my victory that she gave me… a Full Restore. She said she wanted me to stop Team Plasma so Pokemon wouldn’t get stolen like hers did.

Tubeline Bridge: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, steel railing everywhere, and mesh grating with cars underneath. The camera was right behind me instead of a sideview like most areas. One guy said weekend evenings are dangerous here. It looked like Ghetsis was at the end. Turned out it was, because the Shadow Triad popped up to bring me to him. Ghetsis said N wanted us to duke it out to determine the true hero, but he disagreed. He said all trainers would release their Pokemon, and that the legendary wouldn’t accept me as a hero.

Route 9: A baseball player threw me TM46 Fling. I caught Gothorita! Named it “White.” And I caught Pawniard! Named it “Metallic.” There was a karate guy blocking a cave of strong Pokemon, who said the Champion trains there. There was Shopping Mall Nine, which was apparently the Unova department store. Weird place for it. Turned out there were trainers in the mall, and I wasn’t healed. :[ It had a storage room of old electronics, where a worker said they needed to give that stuff away. Yay, a guy gave me a Thunderstone.

Opelucid City: Neon dome things, what. Ghetsis was giving a speech, and Alder called him a liar. Ghetsis said stuff about the hero returning, and needing to release Pokemon for a free world. Then the Plasmas and townspeople left, except for Iris and an old guy. Alder called the old guy Drayden, and wanted to know about the legendary dragons. Everyone thought making the dragons fight was a bad idea. Alder then went back to the league, and Iris brought me to Drayden’s house for an explanation.

Drayden’s house was fancy and neon inside. He said Zekrom and Reshiram were once one Pokemon, and there were twin heroes. The dragon split when the brothers argued about truth vs ideals. The black dragon wanted an ideal world, and the white dragon sought a world of truth. Zekrom and Reshiram fought, but neither could win. The brothers realized no one was right and the fight ended. But the heroes’ sons restarted the fight, and Zekrom and Reshiram destroyed Unova with lightning and fire, then disappeared. Drayden said he doesn’t know how to awaken Reshiram from the Light Stone, though, and went to the gym. Guess he’s the leader instead of Iris.

A football player gave a Float Stone, and a girl gave me a Ring Target. Crazy new items. A sign said Drayden is the mayor here, too…? The gate to Route 11 was closed because of some kind of blockage. One lady said my Pokemon could try harder. EV checker, maybe? One guy wanted a Pokemon with Charge to fix his time machine. The fuck? A girl gave me a Destiny Knot. A guy gave me a prop and said he’d give more tomorrow. Found a Battle House, which apparently focuses on rotation battles. But it only had two trainers.

Route 10: More Foongus posed as fake item balls. I caught Bouffalant! (Geez, it’s just Tauros with an afro.) Named it “Murasaki.” Also caught Vullaby! Named it “Buyon.” I caught a lot more because they’re Black exclusives. Aaaaah, there were pretty rivers and flowers here. Upa evolved into Krookodile! And I caught Amoonguss! Named it “Blue.” Yay, found a Dawn Stone. Also yay, a guy gave a Dusk Stone, and said it evolves Lampent. There were some badge check gates…? I figured I should wait for the eighth first.

Opelucid Gym: This place was all black and white. Welp. Clyde gave me another Fresh Water. He said there were dragon shaped paths, and I had to step on the dragon arms to change them. Turns out he was right, because aaaaaa crazy long dragons (pun probably intended). I jumped paths to make their necks and claws move. So cool. And then there was Drayden. He said he wanted a trainer that shows the future, like Iris. Gohan one-shot everything with Ice Beam, which is truly a joke that writes itself. Legend Badge get!

Opelucid City: Juniper appeared with info about Reshiram. Apparently Reshiram would wake when someone was worthy. She congratulated me for all my badges, and showed me that Route 10 leads to Victory Road. She was happy about my progress, and gave me a Master Ball to show it! Then, as I tried to go to Route 10, a lady said there was a Storm on Route 7. Could it be the roaming legendary? Not checking yet, either way.

Route 10: Cheren and Bianca stopped me. Cheren wanted to battle. Pokabu’s final was crazy and scary, and really tough too. But I won, and got a free heal, yay. Bianca gave me some Max Revives. They talked about how everyone is different but in a good way, and that we help each other. But then it was time to head through those badge check gates.

Through a rocky area. Trio Badge let me pass. Through a garden dining area. Basic Badge let me pass. Through a flower area. Insect Badge let me pass. Across a beetle rock. Bolt Badge let me pass. Across an electric railway. Quake Badge let me pass. Through a gem filled canyon. Jet Badge let me pass. Across a windy hole. Freeze Badge let me pass. Across an icy floor. Legend Badge let me pass. Through dragon head rocks. It led to Victory Road.

Victory Road: I caught Durant! (Durant Durant.) Named it “Yellow.” This place had a crazy indoor-outdoor cave system. Where I could apparently slide down cliffs to lower levels. I caught Heatmor! Named it “Taobaibai.” And caught Excadrill! Named it “Violet.” Oolong hit 43 and learned Crunch, so I finally used that Water Stone, and Oolong evolved into Simipour! Yay, there was a doctor late in the caves. I thought I would run out of Revives or PP. Then there were some boulders to push into holes and make backtracking easy. There was one cave blocked off by a rock. And a fancy canyon at the top to exit this horrible ant-filled place.

Pokemon League: Whooooa, a fancy temple/palace. One guy said I should prepare in a building, but it was just a Pokemon Center/store. The other guy said I can challenge any of the Elite Four (!?!?!) and then the champion. I figured I should probably train before I test that.

Driftveil City: I bought Moomoo Milks and Revival Herbs. A guy gave me an Expert Belt for having Pokemon over level 30. Really wished I had an Amulet Coin.

Pokemon League: I’d gotten everyone to 45, and hoped that was enough. I had no clue what any of their Pokemon were! But I headed forward, and a gate closed behind me. There were four stairways with a statue in the middle. The statue sign said southwest was Ghost, southeast was Fighting, northwest was Dark, northeast was Psychic, and then the champion after beating all of them. I decided to try Ghost first.

Oh shit, a haunted house. A blue flame thing whisked me up spiral stairs to the top. Time for Shauntal, who was writing a novel. She had a Golurk, which was some kind of Gundam Pokemon. And I won. Decided to try Psychic next.

Whoa, a pretty space room. A sparkly light brought me to the top. There was a pretty bed with a canopy thing draped over it. And time for Caitlyn, who was annoyed with my presence. I think she was one of the Sinnoh/Johto Frontier Brains? And I won, mostly easily. Decided to try Dark next.

A big dining room/ball room. A staircase brought me to the top automatically like an escalator, and torches lit along the way. Then time for Grimsley, who said there were lots of challengers today, and had Wolverine hair. He was a jerk who spammed Full Restores. And Bisharp, more like Bitchsharp. But I won, and had only Fighting left to try.

A mechanical place, for some reason. A rail car brought me to the top, which was a boxing ring. And it was time to face Marshal, who said he was training under Alder. His Pokemon were so strong, but I just barely won.

The statue in the center started glowing, so I talked to it and took an elevator down. It led to a big empty cave, which in turn led to a giant staircase. There were ruined columns between sets of stairs, and at the very top was… the Lincoln Memorial? But N was here, and had apparently beaten Alder. N wanted to demand all Pokemon get released, then noticed me. He said this was the wrong place for a big dragon battle.

HOLY FUCK CUTSCENE. A giant castle rose around the league and shot stairs down to us. N headed up a staircase and told me to come after him. Cheren arrived to comfort Alder, apparently having also beaten the Elite Four. He said he got stronger because he finally understood what to do. And he told me to tell N he and his Pokemon got stronger together. Alder regretted losing and said to watch out for N, and to not let Pokemon and people become separated.

I headed up the stairs into the castle, which had fancy columns, white walls, and black floors. Welp. Six sages were there, spouting crazy philosophy shit. They wanted to fight to protect N, but Clay suddenly interrupted. Then all the other gym leaders arrived too, including both Iris and Drayden. But the wussy waiter trio was missing.

N’s Castle: The Shadow Triad told me I could heal and use the PC here. A girl named Anthea healed me. A girl named Concordia said N was innocent, and that he was purposely raised with mistreated Pokemon who were brought to him by Ghetsis. Some Plasmas said Ghetsis used people, and that they used stolen Pokemon to build this castle. Indoor waterfalls? There was a room with a PC, which also had scientists that said they could steal Pokemon from the PC system. One guy warped me back to the league, where I bought some more stuff. Another guy warped me right back. The Triad showed me N’s room, which had lots of toys. One Plasma said Rocket and Galactic failed because they drew too much attention to themselves. (!!!) The final floor had the Plasma emblem on hanging banners. There, Ghetsis said the world was going to change because N was the strongest.

The final room had white floor surrounded by water. N said he’d make a world for Pokemon and we met in the center. He was disappointed I didn’t have Reshiram. Then he summoned Zekrom, and holy shit. It busted through the wall, charged up electricity, and made all the water disappear. But the Light Stone started shaking, and it popped out of my bag glowing and sucking in energy. In another big cutscene, Reshiram came out of the stone and charged flames around itself. N told me I need to prove myself to Reshiram by catching it.

But I wanted a Reshiram with a decent nature. The internet told me I can check its nature by losing to N after catching it. (Just like I do with Lugia in Pokemon XD.) I hoped it wouldn’t require too many resets. And I got my wish, because after catching Reshiram and losing to N once, I was satisfied. Serious nature, IVs weren’t horrible. Good enough for me. So it was time to fight N for real. His Zekrom was rough, but Upa prevailed. What the fuck, he had Zoroark? And I won, which caused N to start thinking maybe we were both right, and that different ideas are good for the world.

Ghetsis appeared and said N was not worthy of the name Harmonia. What? He said everything was for HIS Team Plasma, and that N was stupid and broken. Ghetsis wanted to eliminate me, but then Cheren and Alder arrived. Cheren realized Plasma lied about liberating Pokemon. Then Ghetsis and I fought, but N apparently healed me first…? His Hydreigon was the worst thing (seemed like Dark/Dragon?), and I couldn’t beat it until it Struggle’d to death. But I won. And Ghetsis bitched about being perfect (hi, Cell). Alder tried to talk to N, but Ghetsis said N has no human heart. Jackass. N was confused, but Alder said not understanding each other is no reason to reject each other. Then I was alone with N. He said I was the first person with happy Pokemon he ever saw. Now he has to decide what to do, or something. He wanted me to make my dream come true. End credits! Which all scrolled around Zekrom. Then Zekrom flew through the sky and the game saved.

The End…?
James Bond will return in….
Pokemon White

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