Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3, Episodes 18 to 22

The Citadel trilogy and the season finale. I don’t know why it’s taken me three weeks to post this, because I watched all these episodes and made notes within a week of airing. I also don’t know why Jon Kyl killed Mace Windu (Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement). But at least I have months before the next season airs, so I’m not too crazy behind. As usual, this is disorganized jibber jabber, and there are probably spoilers.

3-18: The Citadel

  • In an interview I read, someone said this was going to be like old school Star Wars, and I guess I kind of agree…? It’s kind of like infiltrating the Death Star for Leia, or Jabba’s palace for Han.
  • How/where’d they get those evil droids to help? Was that in a previous episode, or is it just a thing?
  • Oh shit, it’s Tarkin. I missed his name in the episode, but he seemed so suspicious and distinct. Then I saw his name in the credits and it all made sense.
  • I love the Citadel’s design.

3-19: Counterattack

  • Aaaah, more classic Star Wars action adventure fun.
  • I like how Anakin and Tarkin getting along and agreeing is an interesting nod to Episode IV.
  • Yay, Probe Droids!
  • This evil boss dude reminds me of Christopher Walken, and it can’t be a coincidence.

3-20: Citadel Rescue

  • Even more classic action adventure goodness.
  • Also more Anakin/Tarkin goodness. And I love the argument between Obi-Wan and Anakin about principles versus whatever means necessary.
  • Aww, Master Piell died. But yay for Ahsoka character development.

3-21: Padawan Lost

  • The planet at the beginning looks like the Avatar planet.
  • Man, Plo Koon is pretty cool.
  • Those poor younglings. I hate these lizard dudes.

3-22: Wookiee Hunt

  • Yay, Chewie! (“As himself” in the credits? I thought I read Peter Mayhew (who was just “special thanks”) would do it.)
  • This was a pretty good survival/escape plot, and it got surprisingly dark.
  • Aaand a nice sappy ending to make me feel all mushy.

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