Chuck Season 4, Episodes 16-20

I’ve been falling behind on Chuck because Monday nights have been extra loaded for me this spring. I’ve had to watch Dancing With The Stars for Chris Jericho, I’ve had to watch Tough Enough for Booker T, Stargate Universe moved to Mondays for its final episodes… All on top of my usual Monday shows (90210, Chuck, Raw, Daily Show/Colbert Report). And I end up watching Chuck last because it’s the easiest to avoid spoilers for. I’m sure this is all the fault of Jon Kyl, because he’s jealous that he isn’t Scott Bakula’s son (Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement).

So anyway, Chuck. It’s currently on the bubble (again), so this could be the final season. But it’s not over yet, so here are some words about recent episodes that I threw at a text editor like it was a dartboard. There are many spoilers, as usual. (Also, the Jon Kyl jokes are meant to be a double joke on how out-of-date I am on everything. I’ll probably get bored of it very soon, if I’m not already.)

4-16: Chuck Versus the Masquerade

  • Wow, this is probably the best episode of the half-season so far. It had everything.
  • Never expected them to continue the Volkoff plot, but wow, a daughter/successor! I expected her to betray them, but she mostly didn’t. I wonder if she’ll really turn evil or just use the resources for something nice. Also, I really like the way Chuck and Vivian bonded. It made so much sense and worked so well.
  • What the hell were Morgan and Alex doing with the rug and the chocolate?
  • Robin Givens are you taking Casey away? Please don’t.
  • I loved that Chuck flashed the acrobatic skills to swing on the tree. There needs to be more non-kung fu flashes.

4-17: Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil

  • Surprised there was already more of Vivian. Kind of sucks that she turned on them so quickly. Damn you, evil lawyer guy. But I wonder if Chuck can still appeal to her somehow? Maybe bring her to Volkoff after all?
  • Was that Dr. Chang from Lost?
  • I had a feeling Morgan would end up staying with Casey, but I didn’t expect blackmail to be the reason.
  • Speaking of that, I wonder what Casey is up to down there? Building a new Intersect maybe?
  • I love Jeff and Lester’s new roommate.
  • Yay, Sarah is finally getting hype for the wedding!

4-18: Chuck Versus the A-Team

  • I knew Chuck and Sarah were going to be playing Operation. And it’s probably sad that I couldn’t be excited for Final Fantasy IV because it was in English (and not hard-type).
  • Yay, Stacy Keibler and the Old Spice Guy return! And Robin Givens, who will shock me if she doesn’t turn out to be evil.
  • I suspected there was a new Intersect project down there, but holy shit. What a tweest! The writers haven’t lost their touch after all.
  • Holy fuck Jeff really is psychic.
  • I think my favorite thing about the juice was not just how silly it is, but that it got to show off Chuck’s lateral thinking.
  • Oh man, the look on Awesome’s face when he saw Ellie with the laptop. That was good.

4-19: Chuck Versus the Muuurder

  • What a gory, violent episode this was. Not that I’m complaining, but it feels like a first.
  • So Robin Givens isn’t evil after all. I loved the way the whole murder mystery played out. Honestly wasn’t sure who it would turn out to be.
  • Damn, Vivian works fast. I hope Chuck can still get through to her somehow.
  • I just noticed BM also stands for Big Mike.
  • I loved that the pig ended up in the Castle airducts, even if it was a bit predictable. Kevin Bacon is a good name.
  • Oh no, now Ellie and Awesome have a secret. What is that computer doing!?

4-20: Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff

  • Yay Mama Bartowski is back! Loved tying her into the laptop story.
  • And Volkoff! Still so psycho and amazing. I expected him to betray them, but I didn’t expect Vivian to betray him too. It seems kind of inconsistent that Vivian was previously swayed by finding out her father loved her, and now she’s so cold to him.
  • Prenup stuff seemed kind of silly, but I like how Sarah inadvertently related her problems to Casey’s issues with Alex’s graduation.
  • So who could Agent X be? Chuck? Scott Bakula!?


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