90210 Season 3, Episodes 18 to 22

And now the highlight of my week is gone again. At least until the fall, because 90210 has thankfully been renewed. Luckily I have many other projects and things to help pass the time. And to help you pass the time until I finish those other projects, you can read my thoughts on the end of this season, but of course there are spoilers.

3-18: The Enchanted Donkey

  • Yay, Naomi and Max are so cute. I loved the perfect excuse about him being a math tutor, and I like that it turned out to be real too.
  • I want Adrianna to experience serious harm, after ruining the happy Silver/Navid magic. The fuck did she do to Silver’s pills?
  • Dugh Annie is such a spaz. Serves her right to get bitten by that monkey. Poor Liam.
  • Oh man, Teddy hooked up with Aquaman! (Not John DiMaggio, unfortunately.) Glad he’s apparently going to get together with that Marco guy.
  • Poor Ivy and that wacky laced pot. But yay for being friends with Dixon and reconciling with Raj.

3-19: Nerdy Little Secrets

  • Poor Silver. I hope Adrianna suffers horribly.
  • Yay, Naomi and Max are public now! Sucks that she got so jealous, though.
  • This thing with Annie and the old actress reminds me of an old Family Guy episode, and probably something else too.
  • I’m glad Raj and Ivy are okay, but faking drowning is totally cold. What’s up with Raj not getting treatments?

3-20: Women on the Verge

  • Poor Silver. I hope someone figures out the truth and helps her. The doctors will give a drug test, right?
  • Will Annie get accused of murder again about Marla? At least she had one last day, but I kind of expected it after everything went well.
  • Eeeeee Naomi and Max are so cute. I love that he’s staying in LA for her. (A possible season 4 regular!?)
  • I’m kind of surprised Marco turned out to be poor, but at least it was an understandable reason to lie to Teddy. They’ll be a good couple!
  • Jen’s return seems kind of anticlimactic. I hope she doesn’t go nuts and kidnap Jacques.

3-21: The Prom Before the Storm

  • I expected the meeting with Marla’s daughter to be more confrontational. She left Annie the entire estate, wtf. (Will that be in jeopardy because she sold the necklace?)
  • Fffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, Adrianna. Lying about Navid. Silver almost figured it out, but aaaaaaaaaaah. From the preview for next week, maybe she finally gets owned.
  • Dr. Flox is a jerk to Naomi, but I can’t believe Max messed with her paper.
  • Poor Raj is dying, but yay for getting married! I’m sad that a preview spoiled it, so I expected the proposal.
  • I still don’t like Harper, but it was nice of Dixon to dance with her.
  • Teddy and Marco are a cute couple. I wish we got to see more of them this week.

3-22: To the Future

  • Adrianna finally got owned! I almost forgot about Javier after all her other horrible. I guess I didn’t really want her to kill herself, but how could she possibly be redeemed?
  • Poor Max and Naomi. I knew something would keep them together somehow, but a baby!? (Do they normally get blood test results that fast?)
  • Yay for Ivy and Raj! Sucks that Laurel had to be so dumb about it. I’m glad Dixon stepped up and was oddly wise.
  • Yay yay Silver and Navid back together~ Everything is fixed~
  • Annie was being a dumb bitch to Liam. I was hoping they’d stay broken up but ughhhh. Maybe he’ll forget about her on a boat.
  • Everyone has such different futures and colleges. How will next season work!?


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