Chuck Season 4, Episodes 21-24

The news has just come out that Chuck is getting a fifth and final season. Which is great, because the finale to this season just begs for continuation. What an ending! Read on for my brief thoughts of the last few episodes, but note that there are tons of giant spoilers. But that’s not an issue, because I’m sure you’re going to marathon the show over the summer and then join me for the final season in the fall.

4-21: Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner

  • Yay, Sarah’s dad! He probably won’t be at the wedding, but this was a great visit. Loved the way he set up that fake reception.
  • Can’t believe Chuck and Sarah faked a flash, but it makes sense that Sarah would be so rattled by that scammer chick.
  • Nice that Casey told the truth to Kathleen. Possible love interest!?

4-22: Chuck Versus Agent X

  • Wow, that Bin Laden target was eerily timed.
  • Jeff is insane. The way he gets wrapped up in the villain plots never gets old.
  • Loved guerrilla Casey. And yay for Chuck fixing the computer. Character strengths!
  • Episode was so eventful. So much more than just crazy bachelor/bachelorette party shenanigans.
  • I was really hoping for Scott Bakula (didn’t he have an Intersect?), but I had a feeling it might be Volkoff or Vivian once it turned out to be in England. Loved the crazy mom.

4-23: Chuck Versus the Last Details

  • When did the Intersect get info on Vivian? Plot hole, or secret updates?
  • Loved the Star Wars references with breaking into the compound.
  • I expected something serious to happen to Morgan, but I guess I was wrong. It was nice that Casey looked out for him. I loved how well the disguise worked.
  • I was shocked to see Sarah hit with the Norseman, but I know she’ll survive somehow because that would be way too dark and cruel. :[
  • Jeff is a truly deep and mysterious individual. But I still can’t believe Ellie kissed him.

4-24: Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger

  • I knew this would be a packed episode when I saw it had no normal opening
  • Oh man, the hospital scene with Sarah on ice was heartbreaking.
  • Chuck was pretty badass, breaking into the penitentiary, smashing that TV, riding a super motorcycle, wrecking that trailer… Oh man.
  • Love, love, love Timothy Dalton. Awfully convenient that Hartley also knew about the Norseman, but it also makes perfect sense.
  • I’m glad they finally got through to Vivian. Worked so well the way they did it.
  • I knew that Awesome would knock out the agent instead of Morgan, but it was still great.
  • The wedding was such a tear jerker, and I loved all the mushy flashbacks.
  • So Chuck owns the Buy More, and started a freelance spy business with Volkoff’s money. Now that is different.
  • I figured Beckman would give them another Intersect somehow, but I didn’t expect it to go to Morgan. Holy shit.
  • But it will be nice to see Chuck grow into a good spy without the Intersect as a crutch anymore.
  • I guess there was no room for an epic Jeffster song this time, but at least we already had one mid-season.
  • I hope we find out something about Decker’s conspiracy theory next season. Will it be Bryce coming back from the dead again!? Or Chevy Chase!?


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2 Responses to “Chuck Season 4, Episodes 21-24”

  1. Chad says:

    Yes, I noticed that plot hole about Vivian too. Why would his flash now link Volkoff Industries with Vivian when his last update was before that?

    I also wondered why Morgan didn’t get killed with the Intersect upload when it was established that each time you upload it to someone it has to match their brain patterns or at least be compatible.

    Did you notice that the two agents who had the Intersect didn’t use a governor?

  2. Rachel says:

    I forgot about the Intersect needing to be compatible to a specific brain (which works out well for the writers, I guess). Hopefully they’ll come up with something to explain that, though.