South Park Season 15, Episodes 1 to 7

This should have been done two months ago, but I missed a scene in “City Sushi,” so I had to wait 30 days for it to be re-added to the official site. Then another month passed before I watched it again because… I don’t know. But anyway, these were some South Park episodes, and below are my scattered, mixed-tense little thoughts on them. There are many spoilers, as usual.

There is a chance that this will be the last post of this type, but that depends on how well my experiment goes.


  • I liked that Cartman was all whiny about getting an iPad, but I was surprised his mom was so defiant for once. (Was it because of the dog whisperer?) And the “fuck me” jokes were good.
  • Oh man, poor Kyle, with the Japanese dude shitting in his mouth.
  • I love the Apple parody, but someone will probably be upset about it.
  • “Mom! Everyone knows everything but Apple is stupid!”
  • “It does email, AND web browsing, AND it shits in Kyle’s mouth!? This is the greatest thing that has ever been invented!”

15-2: Funnybot

  • I didn’t watch the comedy awards, so I don’t really get the commentary on it.
  • I’ve never seen anything by Tyler Perry, so I can’t judge that either, but poor Token.
  • Oh god, I loved the Germans’ jokes.
  • Funnybot was too perfect.
  • I expected there to be a bin Laden joke somewhere. Not sure if it lived up to my expectations, though.

15-3: Royal Pudding

  • Oh god, royal Canadian wedding. The whole concept had me in stitches. They did a good job spoofing the British wedding, too.
  • “Duke and Duchess of Calgary” oh man. (Did they play my RPG?)
  • The princess being kidnapped in a cube seems like a reference to something, but I’m not sure what.
  • I loved Ike and Ugly Bob and Scott the dick as the heroes.
  • The play was cute. I loved how Kyle sucked at it, and Mackey went insane.
  • Even better that Tooth Decay was the one who kidnapped her, and everything came full circle.

15-4: T.M.I.

  • Maria Shriver is Skeletor, oh man.
  • Oh shit, Mitch Conner.
  • Aaaa, I loved all those guys in the anger management class.

15-5: Crack Baby Athletic Association

  • Oh my god.
  • Sarah McLachlan.
  • Not sure what this is parodying, but I assume it’s executive pay commentary. And college sports, what.
  • Aaaaaa, Slash.

15-6: City Sushi

  • Aaaaa, I love the City Wok guy.
  • “An Asian turf war!? Butters, you are grounded!”
  • I love confused Butters.
  • Dr. Janus is Mr. Lu Kim? wtf

15-7: You’re Getting Old

  • Man, what the fuck.
  • “Leave them poor britches alone!”
  • Poor Stan.
  • Will they address this in the mid-season premiere? Or ignore it? CARTMAN AND KYLE CAN’T POSSIBLY REMAIN FRIENDS.


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