Super TV Thoughts: September 2011

Fall TV begins, and so does my desire to shoot words about it at the internet. I’ve combined both of my ramble formats into some strange concoction of mixed-tense sentence fragments, sprinkled with some profanity for the most natural flavor. Thus, you’ll find words about the season premieres of 90210, CSI: Cheers, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars; the series premiere of Kamen Rider Fourze; and the September episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger and Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes. So a mix of new and old subjects, and of course lots and lots of spoilers, so be careful.

This isn’t exactly the new format I wanted to try, because computer problems ruined my plans. But I kind of like this one, so maybe I won’t bother to try that anyway.

Will these anchor links work, or will they get broken by the blog code? Let’s find out.

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Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger:

28: The Wings Are Forever

  • I haven’t seen Jetman yet, but I really want to.
  • I’ve never heard the opening either (even though it’s fuckin’ Kageyama), but the instrumental easily got stuck in my head.
  • I loved all Gai’s fanboyism.

29: The Rampaging, Quick-Swapping New Combo

  • Oh my god, this monster. Shrinking and running around the mecha and just crazy as hell.
  • A wedding!? And a wedding eyecatch!?
  • What was with all of Ahim’s disguises?
  • Abare Pink? What the hell?
  • Hello, Goujuu Goukai Ou. What took you so long?

30: Even Just a Friend’s Soul

  • A Liveman episode? Another show I’ve never seen.
  • I loved the Jou/Joe interaction. Good drama.

31: Crash!! The Secret Strategy

  • I was hoping to watch Ohranger in the near future.
  • Was that Changeman at the beginning? I’ve seen some of that one (which has a badass Kageyama theme).
  • Man Basco is such a bitch. But I loved seeing all those extra heroes.
  • Is Gai dead!?

Kamen Rider Fourze:

01: A Transformation Of Youth

  • Gentarou is such an adorable Fonz spaz.
  • I love the monster designs. Sup Hatchihyakku.
  • Oh my god high school cliques. (Is it inspired by American stuff?)
  • Kengo has that suit from Aliens.

02: Just Fine, Outer Space

  • I guess the Switches work like Gaia Memories?
  • WTF cheeseburger robot.
  • What, a space base? And a funny naked gag.
  • Creepy goth chick likes the old Riders?
  • I had a feeling it wasn’t the jock.
  • I love Fonze, with his motorcyle and limit break.

03: Election For The Queen

  • Aaaaah a banana peel.
  • I love all that queen fest drama.
  • I don’t love all that CGI.
  • The invisible monster looks like Shin.

04: Changing Shape In Secret

  • I had a feeling it was one of the sidekick bitches.
  • Miu is pretty cool.


4-1: Up in Smoke

  • This can’t be the end for Teddy, right!?
  • Naomi suddenly has no baby and no Max? Shiiiit. And damn cowboy.
  • Welp, Annie’s losing her money and Liam (good!). So now she’s at CU instead?
  • No college for Dixon? And he’s rooming with the cowboy?
  • Is Adrianna redeemable? Augh, poor Silver (no college for her either…?). And she’s sleeping with the cowboy?
  • Is Navid in college? Hey Navid’s sister, don’t run away.
  • Is Ivy in college either??

4-2: Rush Hour

  • Poor Naomi. This Holly girl is such a bitch.
  • Adrianna has upgraded to annoying. She and Dixon could be a decent couple, actually.
  • Damn Navid’s sister and her skeevy boyfriend. And apparently evil uncle?
  • So Liam had some boat drama, and now he has a bar and a new love interest. Okay.
  • I knew Annie’s new guy was too good to be true, and suspected he might be related to Marla.
  • No Dixon don’t do drugs!

4-3: Greek Tragedy

  • Naomi in a nerd sorority? Interesting. Is that Amanda the potential Slayer in the sorority??
  • Oh no, Holly the bitch found Max’s letter!
  • Navid’s uncle is so sleazy, augh. I guess he fired Silver so she wouldn’t find out? (They both just worked there instead of college?)
  • Annie is getting less terrible. Becoming a hooker to pay off her debts, hmm… (How very Melrose Place.)
  • Now Dixon is doing drugs and thus turning evil? Could Adrianna be the perfect person to save him? Hmm…
  • Liam and the new girl make a nice couple. Running a business and raising a baby, yay responsibility.
  • Poor Ivy. :(

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

12-1: 73 Seconds

  • I love Ted Danson. His character is great, as an eccentric old man.
  • What a weird crime, with shooting and stabbing and wtf an octopus.

12-2: Tell-Tale Hearts

  • I love Ted Danson. It’s nice the way he thinks and gets into people’s heads.
  • I knew the first pedo guy would turn out to be innocent, but what the hell. A three-way conspiracy?

Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes:

47: Orbem, Doublan, and the Dream Thief!

  • Creepy French dude.
  • Man, Orbem has crazy mindfuck abilities.
  • Wake up, Nyarth! Damn you!
  • Team Rocket what are you doing to the trains.

48: Nyagotiator Nyarth! Break Through the Tsunbear Forest!!

  • Poor bears.
  • And that ranger (is he a Pokemon Ranger?) failed to catch Nyarth too. Obviously Nyarth is up to something, but I wonder if he already belongs to someone (Sakaki?).
  • Kojofu is pretty cool.

49, 50: Fierce Dash!! Battle Subway!! (Parts 1 and 2)

  • Yay, Raimon City finally. Hasn’t it been like 6 months since Hiun Gym?
  • Dent a subway nerd, what.
  • Hah, Kenji cameo ruined.
  • What a shock. Nyarth is still evil. Pretty good plan, too.
  • Kanawa Town? Is that the boring little train town from the games that you can’t fly to?
  • I hate Shibirudon, but it was cool how it powered up the little train.
  • All the crazy train adventures were pretty cool.
  • Preview of future stuff is so aaaaaa.

51: The Gym Leader is a Charisma Model! Kamitsure Appears!!

  • Yay Bel. I like that this little plot is just like the games. Her dad seems like less of a jerk here, though.
  • Welp, Zebraika.
  • What a high stakes bet. Returning to Masara Town!? (As if.)

52: Raimon Gym! A Magnificent Electric Battle!!

  • A cliffhanger about which Pokemon!? And it was Gamagaru. Haven’t seen him in a while.
  • Geez, Satoshi was a dumbass with Tsutarja.
  • WTF, she has a Shibishirasu now? That dumb rare thing.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

3-5: Scorn of the Star Sapphire!

  • Wonder Woman aaaaah. (Is that the song from the 70’s show?) Is Batman jealous of Steve?
  • I knew Carol was the Star Sapphire because of the comics, but they almost threw me off.
  • “Good old Bat Amnesia Spray!” Oh lord.

3-6: Time Out for Vengeance!

  • Who is this green-haired Sabretooth guy? Creeper?
  • Yay, let’s travel through time to save Batman!
  • Oh god, caveman Batman with the Secret Bat Tree.
  • Pirate Batman shiiiit.
  • “Ancient Rome. Reminds me of a dry Atlantis.”
  • Yay Batmanacus freeing the slaves.
  • Equinox is a dick.

3-7: Sword of the Atom!

  • Aaaaaa I want an Aquaman sitcom.
  • “Never trust an amphibian! Land or water: choose a side!”
  • Controlling silverfish, what.
  • Yay for Aquaman nurturing the other Atom.

Young Justice:

1-10: Targets

  • So Red Arrow is still independent, but a friend? Yay for Aqualad.
  • A Ra’s al Ghul/Lex Luthor conspiracy???
  • Rhelasia = Korea?
  • Do only Superboy and Miss Martian go to high school? Or do the others just go in their home towns?

1-11: Terrors

  • Wha, Superboy and Miss Martian disguised as villains?
  • That shrink looks so familiar. Paul Shaffer maybe?
  • Superboy was pretty clever in all this.
  • Oh snap, a kiss!

1-12: Home Front

  • Artemis and Robin go to school together? And Barbara??
  • Artemis and Cheshire are sisters? I still don’t get her whole family and past. I don’t know if I’ve missed something or it’s still a mystery.
  • Is Red Tornado the traitor!?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

4-1: Water War

  • Hi Ackbar.
  • The shark dude sounds like George Takei, but he’s not in the credits.
  • I love all the underwater scenery and fighting, but wtf super jellyfish.
  • Not really sold on this prince kid.

4-2: Gungan Attack

  • More cool water stuff.
  • Yay, the Gungans to the rescue.
  • The prince kid finally stepped up. I liked how he rallied the prisoners.

4-3: Prisoners

  • Underwater electrocution? That seems like a very bad idea.
  • I liked Ahsoka and the prince as a team.
  • I’m glad the squid faces turned on the shark jerk.

4-4: Shadow Warrior

  • More Gungan fun time? Including an evil jerk working with Dooku.
  • Oh geez, imposter Jar Jar saves the day. But against Grievous, oh shit.
  • Poor Gungan general. At least he got to Grievous.
  • Hey, more Anakin getting electrocuted. I think someone has a thing for it.
  • Jar Jar is a senator?

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