Super TV Thoughts: Democracy, Musicals, and Emilio Estevez

So much TV, so many sentences, so little else. This time, the subjects are the season premiere of Chuck; the mid-season premiere of South Park; and October episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger, Kamen Rider Fourze, 90210, CSI: Cheers, Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and ThunderCats. Lots of stuff and such, including thousands of spoilers, so watch out, and use the anchor links to help avoid stuff.

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Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger:

32: Power Into One

  • And Don helped Harry Potter get more confident about soccer.
  • The Ohrangers weren’t the first to have a big combo weapon like that… Maybe it was more important on their show?

33: You’re a Herooooo!!

  • Yay, Naoki “Oolong” Tatsuta as the monster. I love him as a food vacuum.
  • Yay yay for Ryou. He’s barely changed in 18 years. He’s still got it!
  • Tenshin daaaa!
  • Kameo Shopping District!? Is that a reference, or a coincidence?

34: Making Dreams Come True

  • Hi, Tom Cruise. (Kirihiko from Kamen Rider W.)
  • Luka, don’t hate broccoli.
  • Use Fuuraimaru some more, why don’t you. That was a good decoy plan, though.
  • Haha, those double Gais were nuts.


  • Bomper, what. Didn’t expect him to be in this too. I loved when people carried him around.
  • Sousuke’s hair, fuck. It’s still insane, but in the wrong way.
  • That old west dude looks like James Cromwell.
  • Oh lord, Speedor and BeaRV had a kid. Machalcon?
  • Another two-parter, damn. What is the Go-Ongers’ greatest power!? Is it related to Machalcon!?

36: Partner PIRATES

  • Yep, that was a Go-Onger tribute alright. Yep.

Kamen Rider Fourze:

05: Friendship Is Double Sided

  • Man, the goth girl.
  • JK don’t be a JerK. (Will he become a friend after Gentarou beats the horse monster?)
  • I love that ball and chain weapon.
  • Is that teacher guy the scorpion monster, or just a red herring!?
  • God, those party girls.

06: All Out Lightning Attack

  • Loved how the goth girl thought he was dead. Did she get into the Rabbit Hutch?
  • Yep, JK is a friend now.
  • Already we have SSJ Fonze? They’re wasting no time with a new form.

07: Jerk Of A King

  • They actually did The Breakfast Club.
  • Football guy being a dick because of pressure from his father. Just like Emilio Estevez!
  • Oh man, the goth girl with the Satan ink splotch.

08: The Iron Knight Cooperates

  • Oh shit, Miu used the Dizer.
  • Now Shun is a friend. I figured he would try the Dizer after Miu did, but I didn’t expect him to smash that statue.
  • That crying scene was amazing holy shit.

09: Awakening Of A Witch

  • It was obvious the witch would be a Switch. What a bitch.
  • Fire State, huh? Why does it have anti-fire powers too?
  • I guess they’ll bring in the goth girl to be a friend, and she can help figure out the Switches.
  • …Or will she be a villain!?


4-4: Let the Games Begin

  • Damn you, Navid’s uncle. At least it helped Navid make up with Dixon.
  • Liam is such a dork, but at least the commercial worked.
  • I had a feeling that Jim guy would come back somehow. But why stalk Adrianna, fool?
  • Holly and Austin? How convenient. And ffffff she called Max. At least it turned out well, if Austin doesn’t ruin it.
  • Geez, Dixon, don’t buy pills from math nerds.
  • Welp, Sorority Annie didn’t last long. But Escort Annie continues?
  • What’s with that photographer guy? Is he gonna have an affair with Ivy!?

4-5: Party Politics

  • Austin you damn homewrecker. Stick with Max, Naomi!
  • Yay, Teddy! What happened to Marco? :( But the new guy is pretty interesting; they have a nice political Romeo/Juliet controversy going. And I guess his uncle is using him to get gay votes…?
  • Uh oh, now Annie’s getting Navid’s sister (Leila?) into the lifestyle.
  • “Democrats, Republicans, Communists, even you.” Damn, Dixon. Are he and Adrianna gonna hook up or not?
  • Congresswoman Brandy???
  • Silver, noooooo. Be more understanding of Navid. :(
  • So are Jim and Jane just gone now? Well, so much for that. I hate when this show drops stories so abruptly.

4-6: Benefit of the Doubt

  • Aaaaaaa, are Naomi and Max really over this time?? Austin, you damn homewrecker.
  • So Annie’s hooking up with an old dude? I don’t get why he liked that first date so much (really hard to swallow, in fact), but it is interesting. Old dude looks like Tony Danza.
  • Huh, Adrianna singing again. Will she redeem her career? I didn’t expect her to figure out the drug thing already, but yay for helping Dixon.
  • Fundraiser for Raj was kind of obvious. I’m glad it succeeded, but I suspect he’ll still die. :(
  • So Congresswoman Brandy and Silver are best buds?
  • Undercover Navid! But that damn evil uncle. He probably won’t succeed, and he’ll lose Silver forever. :(
  • Liam a male model? I guess that’s less new for him than running a bar.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

12-3: Bittersweet

  • Sidle being sassy and mischievous.
  • Hi, Kelly Hu. Have fun in jail, Kelly Hu.
  • Don’t drown in chocolate.
  • I knew it wouldn’t be the previous chick, but the girl and the microwave dude was a surprise.

12-4: Maid Man

  • I knew that prince wasn’t a complete jerk. Don’t be so judgmental, blondie.
  • The mayor had a bulletproof suit? What the fuck.

12-5: CSI Down

  • I thought the crime scenes would all be from the same guy, but oh snap the first guy did the other two.
  • Welp, blondie as a damsel in distress, with daddy trying to save her.
  • Aaaaaa, I didn’t expect that guy’s daughter to be in a gang.
  • I hate that weird second person camera effect.
  • I love Ted Danson.

South Park:

15-8: Ass Burgers

  • How long have they had a Mexican bus driver? I guess someone had to replace Ms. Crabtree.
  • Haha, oh god, President Mouth Shitting Duck. (He replaced Obama?)
  • So everything being shit is like the Matrix? What a tweest.
  • I love drunken Stan.
  • I had thought Cartman was going to fake Asperger’s, like all those internet nerds do.
  • Man, the fast food guys talking about friendship.
  • And now everything is back to normal…?

15-9: The Last of the Meheecans

  • “Mexijew.”
  • Oh god, Butters working at that house and getting a leaf blower as a present.
  • Mantequilla, savior of the Mexicans.
  • “When we asked Obama to stop illegal immigrants, we didn’t mean to make the US so shitty they wouldn’t wanna come anymore.”
  • Love Cartman getting defeated by the Butters pinata.

15-10: Bass to Mouth

  • Suicide over shitting your pants in school? Well that’s an obvious reference. Also parodying TMZ and Wikileaks?
  • Oh man, Cartman’s plan. I loved how he tricked that girl into taking his cupcakes, and his intentions with that completely threw me off at first.
  • And then a laxative pizza party. God. And Mr. Mackey, Mr. Adler, et al. went with it. It’s so believably ridiculous that they would resort to Cartman.
  • Yay, Lemmiwinks! And the Frog King and Sparrow Prince and stuff.
  • Does Wikileaks the gerbil have Julian Assange hair?
  • Oh my god, I loved how Mr. Mackey was flying around shitting everywhere.

15-11: Broadway Bro Down

  • “Bros,” augh.
  • Welp, blowjobs.
  • I’m surprised Shelly fell for the life preserver kid. Kind of sad.
  • Fffffff Spider-Man.

Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes:

53: Satoshi and Dent vs the Subway Masters!

  • I love Musical Mijumaru. He looks dashing.
  • Poor girl Kibago. What a coincidence that Dent found her owner.
  • Whoa, expanding train battlefield.
  • The big, titular double battle was awfully short.

54: Satoshi vs Champion Adeku!

  • Why does Shootie always have the next badge, but then go backwards to older towns?
  • I thought Adeku was a relatively young hippie, not a grungy old dude. So laid back.
  • Hey there, Afro Tauros. Eating the bushes.
  • Shootie playing the role of Cheren?
  • And here’s the second verse to the ending, with some new animation (I think?). Thankfully it still ends with Muggyo.

55: Over the Rainbow! A Maracatchi Musical

  • Some other town is across the bridge? What the hell. Wasn’t Hodomoe supposed to be right there, just like in the games? Satoshi thought so too…
  • I love the Maracatchis.
  • Satoshi’s group is such a dork the way they musical’d with their Pokemon.
  • Who was that singing the OP at the musical? Was it Matsumoto?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

3-8: Triumvirate of Terror!

  • wtf baseball.
  • Hanging out in a diner, what. So Superman likes double bacon cheeseburgers.
  • Oh god, Joker as an Amazon.
  • Oh man, Alfred as a decoy Batman.
  • Oh shit, future Batman has a wheelchair suit.

3-9: Bold Beginnings!

  • wtf Space Ghost.
  • Gray and pointy Batman.
  • Oh god, Plastic Man stretched his ass way into the air.

3-10: Powerless!

  • Aaaaaaa international Batmen and Jokers. Yay stereotypes.
  • “The hammers of justice will always pound straight the bent nails of evil.”
  • Welp, that’s what you get for undermining Batman, Captain Atom.
  • I love Aquaman in an apron.
  • Oh man, Aquaman singing and being every hero. “Aquaman’s Rousing Song of Heroism.”

3-11: Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth!

  • Oh god, a Batman roast. Those terrible ice puns. And of course there’s Jeffrey Ross… beating up the Joker!?
  • Skiing ninjas with lasers.
  • Poor Martian Manhunter. The JSA is so rude to the JLI.
  • “Ice, why don’t you try mingling?” “But I don’t have to go to the bathroom.”
  • Yay, everybody helped Batman and ate pie.

Young Justice:

1-13: Alpha Male

  • Poor Aqualad. But at least everything worked out and they’re all friends again.
  • Yay, Captain Marvel. Do any of the others know he’s a kid?
  • Superboy gets a pet wolfy?
  • That tiger’s gonna keep its collar?

1-14: Revelation

  • Whoa, everyone out of costume. Do they all know each other’s identities?
  • Injustice League, aaaaaaa. I don’t know most of them.
  • “I feel naked, and not in a fun way.” That was allowed on Cartoon Network? Damn.
  • Holy shit, Dr. Fate helmet as Plan B.
  • Yay for Plastic Man cameo.

1-15: Humanity

  • I’m not a Zatanna fan, probably because of Smallville. Hope she stays away.
  • Yay, Red Tornado isn’t evil after all. Sucks about his siblings, though.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

4-5: Mercy Mission

  • Gremlin people and tree devils and great faeries. Oh my.
  • I love the scenery of this planet. It reminds me of many video games.
  • Whoo-hoo, I figured out the riddle before R2 or 3PO.
  • A self-contained episode? Huh. Haven’t seen that in a while.

4-6: Nomad Droids

  • Weird little zappy Smurfs.
  • Damn, R2 straight up killed a dude. Like the Wicked Witch of the East.
  • Yay for democracy.
  • And the next planet has the Wizard of Oz, though the guy also reminds me of the Caterpillar from Wonderland.
  • Yay for violent rebellions.
  • Oh no, the Droids ran out of power. (They could do that?)
  • Pirate robot fighting? wtf.
  • And then the Republic saves them from the incinerator at the last minute.
  • Self-contained again. Except for poor Wolf.

4-7: Darkness on Umbara

  • Damn, the plant monster ate a dude.
  • Cool neon planet, but fuck those neon scorpions.
  • The frog face dude is a dick.
  • Yay, AT-STs.
  • Oh hey, a cliffhanger.


5-1: Chuck Versus the Zoom

  • So no more General Beckman? Sad.
  • Boo to Craig Kilborn.
  • What’s with the glasses? Hmm…
  • I like that Chuck is starting to realize he doesn’t need the Intersect anymore, and he has his own strengths.
  • Decker. >:| What the hell is going on!?


1-9: Berbils

  • Yay, Robear Berbils and candy fruit.
  • Trollogs and Giantors! And was that Snow Meow the trader guy had?
  • Yay, they all helped each other, but I guess they won’t be building a lair this time.

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