Chuck Season 4, Episodes 6 to 10

This season of Chuck continues to fill me with thoughts, and I continue to throw them at the internet. Everything is a spoiler, but you don’t care, because you’ve been watching it too, right?

4-6: Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

  • Yay, more Linda Hamilton! But holy shit she shot Chuck. This is so confusing. Is she evil, or isn’t she?
  • As soon as Wheelwright said he was immune to the gas, it was pretty obvious that Jeff’s craziness would come into play. But I liked the way it played out anyway.
  • Oh god Sarah kidnapped Chuck’s mom. Everything is getting so crazy!

4-7: Chuck Versus the First Fight

  • Oh man, Timothy Dalton. He played his part so perfectly. It completely threw me off when it turned out he was Volkoff. Oh man.
  • And how did they orchestrate that whole thing? Everything is getting so crazy!
  • So did Chuck lose the Intersect? And what’s up with the Mustang? That can’t be a coincidence. Augh, the wait for the next episode is killing me.

4-8: Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

  • So the Intersect is just suppressed? Well, that’s different.
  • I loved Rob Riggle’s character in this. At first it seemed like he was just going to beat the hell out of Chuck, but then things got a lot more interesting when the fear aspect was introduced. And then he got killed and it made me very sad.
  • I approve of Summer Glau pulling a knife on Jeff and Lester.

4-9: Chuck Versus the Phase Three

  • Man, Sarah is going nuts. She went all SSJ looking for Chuck. I’m glad it all turned out okay, even though the science of it kind of baffles me.
  • This deal with the laptop is killing me. It has to be something major, and possibly able to help Chuck and/or their mom, but what could it be!? It can’t be an Intersect installer (at least not by default) if Ellie was the one meant to find it, so…!? Aaaaagh.

4-10: Chuck Versus the Leftovers

  • “Come with me if you want to live.” Yes yes yes.
  • More Timothy Dalton goodness, too. But the Volkoff plot is semi-resolved for now, so I really hope it resumes later on.
  • Poor Morgan tried to be Die Hard and failed.
  • I love what happened with the laptop, although it almost seems anticlimactic after the end of the previous episode. I heard “Aces, Charles” in Bakula’s voice in my head right before he typed it, and I got all hype.


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