Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 2, Episodes 19 to 24

Though I’m an Animated Series elitist who has no interest in ever seeing The Batman, I love this show so much. And we got a particularly awesome crop of episodes recently. I hope you’ve seen them yourself, because there are a ton of spoilers.

2-19: Emperor Joker!

  • Oh man, Rainbow Batman.
  • Is this Harley Quinn’s first appearance? I was hoping she’d somehow end up with Bat-Mite’s jester outfit, but maybe next time.
  • Also, with this episode, I noticed that Bat-Mite is voiced by Paul Reubens. And that was kind of trippy, because I watched it shortly after his guest appearance on WWE Raw.

2-20: The Criss Cross Conspiracy!

  • Aquaman on fire amuses me.
  • It seems like they’ve been showing an awful lot of young Robin lately. Oh, and there’s the whole Bat Family together!
  • Is this the Riddler’s first appearance?

2-21: Plague of the Prototypes!

  • Adam West as a Batbot? Yay!
  • I liked seeing lots of Ace, too.
  • After what happened in the opening, I expected Proto to sacrifice himself, so I was very happy things turned out well.

2-22: Cry Freedom Fighters!

  • I like Blue Beetle, but I’m not so sure about Stargirl.
  • The main episode is mostly “Plastic Man and some other guys do stuff,” which is something I can get behind.
  • There is an Uncle Sam superhero?
  • Man, Plastic Man doesn’t know shit about American history, but I did like the line about John Paul Jones and Ringo.
  • Wow, aliens singing Yankee Doodle. Okay.
  • That America Batman amused me far more than it should have.
  • And then there was Obama, with Kevin Michael Richardson continuing his portrayal from The Cleveland Show.

2-23: The Knights of Tomorrow!

  • What was that no-face guy who jumped into lava? What?
  • The main story is holy shit. Bruce marries Selina!?
  • Dick becomes Batman, Damian’s a dick… that sounds familiar.
  • Jokers are awesome.
  • Alfred! Is that his first appearance?
  • Wow, and according to the credits, Diedrich Bader’s son is the future Robin. That’s pretty cool.

2-24: Darkseid Descending!

  • Is this Martian Manhunter’s first appearance?
  • I love this dysfunctional Justice League.
  • Oh man, Batman has a secret switch in Abraham Lincoln’s shoe.
  • Oh, that faceless guy was The Question, and he’s apparently pretty awesome.
  • This episode had a John DiMaggio and Billy West reunion!

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