Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3, Episodes 7 to 11

Man, this show is so much better than the Star Wars prequel trilogy. And it seems to be getting better all the time. Read on to see me babble about it, if you don’t mind spoilers, and weren’t scared away by the pilot movie.

3-7: Assassin

  • All the Force stuff and the investigation was pretty cool.
  • Ahsoka seems to get more likable every time she appears.
  • I found it very amusing at the end when they mentioned “bizarre laughter” and “purple” because I watched this episode right after the “Emperor Joker” episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

3-8: Evil Plans

  • Hi Seth Green.
  • Man, C3PO can’t even buy fruit without getting into trouble. But R2D2 was awesome.
  • I thought IG-88 was in this episode, but sadly it wasn’t him, according to the credits.

3-9: Hunt for Ziro

  • Oh, those crazy Hutts.
  • Huh, Obi Wan has a dreadlock friend? With weird psychic powers?
  • Hi there, dancing alien chick from Return of the Jedi. As Ziro’s girlfriend. What. And what a twist with her at the end.
  • Damn, big momma Hutt.

3-10: Heroes on Both Sides

  • Deregulate the banks? War funding? Hitting a little close to home there, but that’s nothing new with this show.
  • Yay for Ahsoka’s redesign. Did Anakin get one too?
  • I liked all the stuff about meeting your enemy face-to-face. If only everyone did that, instead of treating people like faceless monsters and trying to blow them up from a distance. Figurative or literal distance.

3-11: Pursuit of Peace

  • God damn, the politics on this show. Padme’s friend gets framed and killed so the war can continue, the banks trying to take all the government’s money, senators being intimidated through violence…
  • I wish the voice of the people could always be so influential in politics. Especially if it’s my voice.
  • What the, a pseudo-stripper dancing chick in the bar? Is this show really for 10 year old boys?

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One Response to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3, Episodes 7 to 11”

  1. JacobYBM says:

    I have to agree, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a series that is getting better all of the time. It’s scope is wide and it isn’t afraid to make present politics as truly dirty. The whole banking clan conspiracy was awesome, I thought.